Privacy Policy

We will process your data in the following ways:

  1. We can use your email for marketing purposes, however we will not use this information for marketing purposes without your permission. We may also use this information for sending you important service information such as password resets

  2. We will store your information using strong hashing and encryption and will alert you of any data breaches as soon as we become aware of them

  3. We can use your information for performing tests.

  4. We will only use your servers data for finding out if you are breaking terms and conditions and when transferring information to new nodes.

  5. We do not directly store any payment information. However, our payment processors can. Please see their privacy policies. We will also store an identifier so that we can confirm if payments have gone through. This identifier will be deleted after a maximum of 90 days, however may be deleted earlier.

  6. We respect the right to be forgotten, or to correct incorrect information. If you believe any information to be incorrect, or wish for us to delete all your information of off our service, please contact Please note that you should request a refund, if eligible for one, before closing your account as we will not offer any refunds after you have closed your account. Account closures may take up to 14 days to be processed.

We will not knowingly store data of under 13's that do not get permission of their parents. If parent's wish for their child's account to be deleted, please contact us at